Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Not ANOTHER Royal baby blog!

Ok, I admit it...I am yet another person referring to the birth of the most famous child on the planet. I am delighted the lovely Kate and William have welcomed a baby son into the world, and wish them all health and happiness. Today, I found my own personal highlight of all the media coverage surrounding this event...the fantastic Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy sending their congratulations to the couple. I hope the Royals have the chance to watch it, and save it for junior to watch as he grows up. The clip can be found here:


That's it, I'm not going to talk about the Royals any more, there's plenty of other people doing that! The remainder of my blog relates to interesting things I have read in recent weeks concerning pregnancy and babies. I guess it's not surprising there was so much content about such topics when there was such hype about Kate and THE baby.

Firstly, I read a blog post entitled "I want a third child, except, I really don't" via ModernMom.com. Perhaps, like me, you or your partner has become quite broody watching the blooming Kate. In my case it would be utter madness to consider adding to my brood (I have four at home-my two sons and two nieces), and I found this blog particularly useful in "kicking some sense" back into me. Risa Green's post is very entertaining, I hope you enjoy it. Link here:


The next blog I found that interested me was entitled "Royal baby fever: 8 baby customs and rituals from around the world". I am very interested in different cultures, and found the information fascinating. I was shocked to learn that babies in Sweden are left to take naps outside in freezing temperatures to improve their overall health. Maybe there is something to that theory, but I think I would be reluctant to try it. There has been much speculation over what the Royal baby shall be named, I am quite sure the name will be revealed very soon. In China, however, babies are named at one month old at a Red Egg and Ginger Party. Unsurprisingly, guests each receive a red egg for good luck. The post makes for excellent reading, and can be found here:


The last article I want to mention was a feature in Grazia magazine concerning Pregorexia. I confess I had never heard of it before, but found the feature concerning and very sad. Defined as "a dangerous obsession with staying slim in pregnancy", a University College has discovered that an alarming one in 14 UK women has an eating disorder in early pregnancy. Everyone worries about their changing body shape during pregnancy, I'm sure most suffer some moments of feeling like a beached whale. Women who suffer from Pregorexia, diet and exercise to the point where they may be putting their unborn baby at risk. The media, as is so often the case, should take responsibility for some of these cases. Celebrities are photographed constantly throughout their pregnancies, with either admiring comments (if the bump is small), or insulting comments (if the bump is big). Surely during pregnancy, a woman should be left alone, and her weight gain not made a topic of public discussion. Similarly, celebs who lose their baby weight quickly after birth are praised and photographed looking like their pre-pregnancy selves. Women often feel under pressure to lose weight quickly due to these images, when they should be focusing on enjoying their newborn babies. More information and advice about Pregorexia can be found here:


I'd be very pleased to read your comments on any of the above. Has Risa Green cured your broodiness? What was your favourite baby custom? Do you think the media is to blame for Pregorexia?

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