Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Breaking the ice

Writing a blog is a strange experience, like writing a kind of diary for all to see. I have been fretting a little over the lack of comments on my posts...a big fat zero. I'm beginning to feel a little crazy, like I'm having conversations with myself. Just as well I can access the stats on my blog, and can take reassurance that people are actually reading my humble opinions (all be it very quietly). I've read other blogs about this issue, pleased to learn I am not alone in having no one add their views. It can be very hard to strike up conversation, particularly with someone you don't know. I suppose replying to a blog is the technological equivalent. One tip I read is to use a different username and type a comment yourself. That seems like cheating to me, and I've never been great at pretending to be something I'm not. My solution? I'm going to start a conversation, break the ice, with myself.  I may even use my alter ego, disagree with my blogger self....I'm sure I can handle it. Please feel free to join the conversation.

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  1. My alter-ego...hello, I don't believe we've met...

  2. Dear Carolyn, I must say I was quite happy to stumble over the link to your blog on facebook which lead me here. I read all of your posts, and I strongly feel we are on the same page with many issues related to child education.

    It was nice to hear about the boys and girls, I look forward to seeing them again some day, and, as for 3 years I am working to develop an NGO in Iasi for parental education, I was thinking of how to introduce you and your blog to our parent community.

    Good luck with the writing and do share more of your experiences, I feel they are valuable for any parent that wants to give his / her best in raising happy, healthy children!

    Warm regards from Brussels,


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  4. Hi Carolyn - honestly, don't get too worried about it. Not that many people comment on blogs, and I know that I for one read and enjoy many without commenting on them. What matters IS the views - you know that if they remain consistent that people like what you write - or they wouldn't keep coming back!