Friday, 6 September 2013

Autumn's on it's way...the plight of the umbrella.

I suppose it's somewhat unusual that Carolyn's guest post today is by an umbrella. I thought that since autumn is definitely on it's way, it would be the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the plight of my kind...
I haven't had too bad a summer this year. I'm a Scottish umbrella, so I rarely get a day off. The warm weather this year has provided me with a welcome break from my usually hectic work schedule.
Scotland is such a beautiful country, but certainly not an ideal location for myself, and my fellow "brollies" . FYI, we do not like being referred to as "brollies". Show some respect and use our real name.
Challenging is how I would describe my umbrella life. Forced to work in very difficult conditions, it is hard to keep a positive outlook. A Scottish umbrella will age years before her time. The males, commonly referred to as golf umbrellas, have it easier. Built much sturdier and bigger, they can face the elements without too much damage. The female umbrellas are often faced with the indignity of being blown inside out, our spokes in full view, for the whole world to see. Our human owners, instead of acknowledging our embarrassment and discomfort, tend to launch into a tirade of  abusive language. I wish to inform you, gale force winds are not an easy battle to win, your anger should be directed at the wind, not your loyal umbrella who is only trying to shelter you. 
I know there is a new trend for see through umbrellas, it's disgusting to be quite honest. Put in human terms, the see-through is a hussy!

Every umbrella dreams of a beautiful happy relationship with their owner...think "Singin' in the Rain", but sadly, most of us are finally abandoned in a state of disrepair, unwanted and unloved. The lucky ones last a year maybe, some...just a few days. I have witnessed some of my colleagues being verbally and even physically attacked before being thrust into the bin.
Of course, there is always hope for umbrellas. My favourite film (aside from Singin' in the Rain), is a short Pixar film called the blue umbrella. Two umbrellas find love one blustery night, I was lucky enough to be with my owner at the cinema when it was shown before Monsters University. Really, it would have been better the other way around, a short Monsters film and a full length umbrella one, but I suppose not many would agree with me on that one.

I hope I have opened your eyes to the mistreatment of umbrellas. I'll leave you with one thought...if it's windy, be kind. Use your hood!


  1. this is a great minibook jeje and thanks for sharing it!! :)