Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Yeti...goodie or baddie?

I was interested to read this week about the scientist who claims to have proof that the yeti is real and living in the Himalayas. The article, which includes a brief history of sightings, evidence etc. can be found here:


I, like many others who commented on this article, am skeptical about this claim, until more concrete evidence can be provided. However, I do find it an exciting prospect that a mythical creature could actually be proven to be real. After all, maybe Nessie (the Loch Ness Monster), will be next!

Yeti's are known by many other names, including Almas (Mongolia), Batutut (Vietnam), Bigfoot (North America), Yowie (Australia), Fear liath (scotland), and Sasquatch is also a popular title for the creature which may or may not exist. Clearly, since so many places have their own names for the beast, it's fame is far spread. I discovered these alternative names in another Telegraph article found here:


Of course the list would not be complete without the much used "abominable snowman" title. I'm reminded of the banished monster in Monsters inc:

"Abominable! Can you believe that? Do I look abominable to you? Why can't they call me the Adorable Snowman or...or the Agreeable Snowman, for crying out loud? I'm a nice guy."
—The Yeti describing himself to Sulley and Mike

The idea of a friendly abominable snowman appeals to me. Perhaps because I write children's books and like my stories to have a twist. I decided to try and imagine the yeti, based on the recent evidence that it could be a cross between a polar bear and a brown bear. Realistically, I'm sure the creature would be fierce and frightening, but my imagination took me on a different path...

A Yeti children's book is definitely a possibility for my future writing. Please share your thoughts on my sketch, and watch this space!

In the meantime, there are other author's who have beaten me to it and have written for children about yeti's. I have not as yet read any of these, please feel free to add your reviews if you have read any of them:

 This book by Charlotte Gullain sounds like lots of fun, and I love the title! The illustrations look great, and I'm curious to learn what George discovers on his mission to prove that the yeti exists.
Greg Long and Chris Edmunson wrote "Yeti, Turn Out the Light!", and the illustrations by Wednesday Kirwan look fantastic for bringing the story to life.  I discovered this book on boingboing.net where it is decribed as"a delightful bedtime tale of shadows, monsters, and magic sure to please all children, and the adults that cuddle them."
 "The Awkward Yeti" by Nick Seluk, sounds like a good book for younger children. According to goodreads.com, it is "a unique children's picture book that introduces the concept of personality differences in a subtle, simple and silly way for very young readers."
"The Abominables" by award winning author Eva Ibbotson sounds like a fun book for older children. Aimed at ages 8-11, the story tells of a family of yetis seeking a safe haven. The Scholastic website has the following review:
“The joyful absurdity of the notion, combined with Ibbotson’s wit… should make this a classic.” Daily Mail

I'm sure there are many more yeti based stories, please feel free to add any.

I'll end my blog on the mysterious yeti, with a blast from the past. How many of you remember the TV series "Big Foot and the Hendersons?" I have fond memories of the friendly yeti who joins the Henderson family, and will try to get a copy of it on DVD for my kids to enjoy. I found a clip from the film which was released as "Harry and the Hendersons" in 1987. Does it bring back memories?


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