Wednesday, 18 December 2013

his n hers

I recently noticed two identical cars parked side by side at a local sport centre. Slightly unusual, but not unheard of...then I noticed the number plates. One was MUM, the other DAD. My reaction was amusement, and I wondered if I would like to be a part of a his n hers novelty such as that. I think the number plates themselves are quite sweet, but the cars being the same model and colour made it a bit over the top. I suppose if they have a boy, they could carry on the tradition with a SON plate, but a girl would be more tricky...
I remember once bumping into my husband's friend and his wife, not long after they were married. The couple were both wearing matching beige trousers and red T-shirts. We assumed they were in uniform en-route to work. Imagine our embarrassment when they told us they were not colleagues, but just liked to dress the same. I found it hard to keep a straight face as it seemed very strange to me. In their case, matching clothes did not turn out to be the secret to a happy marriage, they are now divorced.
However, there are couples who have found dressing the same brings them closer together. Nancy and Donald Featherstone have worn matching clothes for 35 years, often incorporating a flamingo pattern!(although, there is a reason for that). I found the article interesting, and clearly they are very happy, but dressing the same as my husband everyday, would definitely not be for me. The article can be found here:

I would say the his n hers look is acceptable at Halloween. I think it would be lots of fun to dress up as a famous Hollywood couple, or characters from film and TV. I found a website with lots of great options, although not sure I could convince hubby on some of them...

The smurfs
Andy Pandy and Looby Lou
The link to the site, should you wish to release your inner smurf/smurfette, can be found here:

I was sure that since onesies are so popular just now, that there would be his n hers options. Indeed there are, plenty of them. However, I also found a site offering a "family pajama planner". After all, why should your pets miss out on the fun?! Yes, not only can you and your partner snuggle up in your matching jammies, your cat or dog can be matchy matchy too. I guess it has to be seen to be believed:

I'll be skipping this option, although if they made them for rabbits, it would make a great family Christmas card photo ;)

The site can be found here:

There are always lots of his n hers gift options. A few that I came across would not fill me with horror if I were to receive them. I liked these pillows available from

I like the his/hers and bride/groom bath robes you can buy as well. A calendar is another good gift which can use the his n hers theme,  it's split in two so you can write your own appointments and reminders side by side. In my house this would probably be pointless, since I'm always the one to write everything down and do the reminding. I wonder if that's a woman thing?

On the flip side, there are also horrendous his n hers gifts available. I found the following on Mashable, I hope if you bought any of these items that you kept the receipt. It's actually hard to choose which one is the worst, but tell me, how would you react if you and your partner received connectable knitted beards?!

What are your thoughts on the his n hers theme? Would you dress the same as your partner? I'm still on the lookout for a Christmas jumper for my husband...maybe, just maybe, I'll buy one too...

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