Sunday, 2 February 2014

Roses are red...

February is finally here, hooray! Like most people, I have found it an exceptionally long, dreary month. I'm also feeling very sorry for myself, since, as is so often the case, my husband's away on the kids are ill. This time, it's been one after the other, I'm now starting week two of being housebound. I've decided to cheer myself up by thinking of all the romantic Valetine's treats my husband will be planning for me while he's away...some chance!

Thankfully, he does not read The Daily Mail. I noticed a tweet with the alarming news that apparently 78% of women want Botox for Valentine's Day! Maybe it's just me, but if I were to receive such an offer, I'm pretty sure February 14th would turn out to be seriously UNromantic. Granted, it's certainly more original than flowers and chocolate, but not in a good way. The article can be found here, would you be pleased with the gift of Botox?

The Valentine card itself is an essential in my view. I don't like too much soppiness, but it's always nice to feel special and loved. I've never had someone write a poem especially for me, I like this one which was on Groupon's Facebook page (starting to think I should be earning commission from those guys).

I can appreciate funny Valentine's cards too, and some of these Valentine's puns put a smile on my face. Maybe humour is more your style, do you like these ideas?

I remember my sister and I growing up receiving Valentines from our dad. Of course we didn't figure out they were from him for quite a few years. I can see why he did it; as we later discovered, it's pretty miserable not to receive any, so he saved us any hurt feelings and boosted our confidence. I may well carry on the tradition with my own kids, but at what age do kids start bothering about Valentines? Will I be able to fool my little detectives? Do you send cards to your children and what have been your experiences so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What about a Valentine's date night? Do you and your significant other like to stick to February 14th, surrounded by countless other loved up couples, or do you wait for the nearest weekend? In our case, it's pretty much dependent on baby sitting availability, but I'm not a huge fan of going out on the actual 14th.

Usually it's a nice Romantic meal, predictable but lovely nonetheless. I love my kids to bits, but there's no denying how special a child-free meal once in a while can be! I'd like to plan something a bit more unusual for once, and thought I had the answer...Itison have a deal for a drive-in movie night overlooking Edinburgh airport. The films being shown are Top Gun and The Notebook. I remember watching American TV and films as a teenager and thinking drive-in movies looked so much fun, a perfect romantic night out. However, in a Scottish setting...not so much. Huddled up under a travel rug whilst peering through the swish of the windscreen wipers you would almost certainly be required to use, does not have the same appeal. I know there have been previous drive-in nights in Glasgow and other Scottish venues, if you have been to one, I'd love to read your feedback. Maybe I've got it all wrong and could grab some last minute tickets. The link to the offer can be found here:

Novelty gifts are always fun. I came across this Rolo pendant and earrings on The Spotted Zebra Co. website. Everyone (or nearly everyone) remembers "do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo?", so this would make perfect jewellery for Valentines. The link can be found here:

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and so I think I've found the ideal gift for my husband. Made by The Box Bakery, who I follow on Twitter (@theboxbakery), this cake says it all:

Any special plans for Valentines day? I wish everyone a romantic February 14th, it's nice to feel truly Twitterpated once in a while.

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