Wednesday, 11 June 2014

End of an era...

I've not written a blog in far too long. I've missed my therapeutic spilling of thoughts to complete strangers (mostly) on the internet. Honest explanation? Life got in the way...

Like most parents, I find the leadup to the school holidays (which fill me in equal measure with dread and excitement), pretty hectic. There's sports days, parents evenings, fun days, projects to hand in, not to mention yellow would be hard to find a more difficult colour in which to dress 4 children. I know I'm not alone in the end of term stress. Why do school shoes have such a habit of falling to bits literally weeks before the final day of school? I found the following blog very entertaining by a fellow mum suffering from end of term frustrations:

I also have the dreaded nursery graduation of my youngest to attend. A. is more than ready for school, especially since I am sending him at 5 and a half, rather than 4 and a half, but I already know I will find it very sad that my baby boy is moving on.  Breaking myself in gently, I let him get a more grown up haircut to be like his big brother, who he idolizes. He's very handsome with his new look, but it took me aback how much older it seems to make him look. I'll be in pieces when I see him in his uniform.

I'm worried I will suffer from empty nest syndrome when A. starts school. I've been a stay at home mum for 9 years now, and will find it very strange not to have a young child running round my feet. The end of an era. I'm sure the days will pass quickly once I get used to it, after all 9-3 is not such a long time. Even with them out of the house, four kids and a messy husband will still provide me with plenty to do!

I will be sad to say farewell to that happy stage of my life, but on a positive note, will have more time to do things for myself. I could join a gym, go faithfully for 2 months before giving up, as I'm sure I would. I could join an art class, meet friends for lunch, or even become a stunt driver (since they mistakenly gave me a license to drive ANYTHING...apart from maybe a tank). The possibilities are endless...within a 9-3 timeframe.

This could be me, come August!

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