Monday, 18 November 2013

10 ways family life is like "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!"

I'm very pleased "I'm A Celebrity..." is back on our screens. I've always enjoyed the show, Ant and Dec are wonderful presenters. I've realised, there are quite a few comparisons to be made between jungle life, and everyday family life:

1. Bugs and wild animals are always found in unexpected places

2. You go to sleep every night with the fear of being woken by an unwanted visitor(s)

3. You constantly listen to people complaining of being hungry. Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence.

4. Mealtimes feel like a bushtucker trial, homemade meals sometimes get a similar reaction to the horrors being served on the show.

5. Everyday has it's challenges, which can seem like an endurance test. Can you survive homework times 3 without freaking out?

6. As parents, we are our children's personal jungle diary room. We listen as calmly as we can to the "contestants" complaints, and telling tales on each other.

7. You are woken early every morning by strange and inexplicable noises.

8. Finding school ties in a frenzy before school time is equatable to finding the jungle keys in a bushtucker could touch anything in the horror of a child's bedroom.

9. Most families have an "Ant and Dec", friends or family who visit to provide help and advice. These people are always pleased to visit, but secretly, we all know they're pleased to escape "the jungle".

10. Like those who've experienced the real "I'm A Celebrity...", you'd describe family life as very rewarding, but also a relief to escape (once in a while).

Any more to add? I'd be pleased to read your thoughts.

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