Thursday, 7 November 2013

Call for children to help "The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy"

"The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy",  is an illustrated, rhyming short story for children aged 6-9 years old. The story tells of Sparkle, the Tooth Fairy, who is sent to find out why children are not taking care of their teeth, and to make changes so that the teeth she collects are healthier, stronger, and sparkly white. Healthy teeth are urgently required to repair Fairy Castle. I'm sure most parents have been asked what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth....  

The book aims to be fun and entertaining, whilst at the same time encouraging children to look after their teeth. Sparkle enlists the help of a little girl called Anne, who is delighted to assist with such an important mission. Anne, reveals that she has had four teeth removed, and is eager to help, as she doesn't want other children to suffer as she had. Sparkle and Anne become very good friends as the story continues, teaming up to think of ways to make children eat less sugar, and brush their teeth properly. Children reading the story, will enjoy their magical adventures, learning some tips for better dental care along the way. I also tackle the fact that some children of this age may be doubting the Tooth Fairy's existence, but you'll have to read the story to find out how I approach that issue!

The story ends with Sparkle successfully sending enough healthy teeth to Fairy Land for the castle to be repaired. Sparkle and Anne are sad that their time together has come to an end, but very proud of what they managed to achieve together. The two friends are bound to meet again, as the Fairy King has another mission for Sparkle. The final lines of the book are directed to the reader, a call to help "The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy", by making sure they send healthy clean teeth to Fairy Land. Tooth Fairy Tips are included to help children achieve this. There are also some appealing, comical illustrations at the start of the book; Tooth Fairy Essentials, including a fairy currency convertor and earplugs for visiting snoring children.

A little about me...I am a children's author/illustrator with a Degree in English Literature, and an HND in Graphic Design. I am often inspired by children in my family, the character of Anne is based on my niece. I hope this book will contribute to the efforts being made to improve the dental health of young children. I thoroughly enjoy sharing stories with children, and will be presenting educational school workshops based on The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy. I am keen to support local bookshops, and my book is available from Scotia books in Kilsyth (near Glasgow), as well as from Amazon and Waterstones online. Feedback or reviews of my work are always welcome, and I can be contacted by email ( for further info. on school workshops, or if you are interested in stocking my book.

Finally, my favourite illustration from "The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy",  Sparkle cheekily stealing a spoonful of sugar to protect some teeth:

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