Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy

I have four young children at home, three of whom are rapidly losing their baby expensive business for parents! This is what inspired me to write my short story The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy, which is now available on Amazon. I also came up with my own answer to the question we've all been asked...what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth? Read more about my story, and find the link to my book here:

My own tooth fairy experiences:
I am trying hard to keep the kids believing in the tooth fairy as long as possible, but it's not always easy. Creaky stairs to reach a top bunk, and then rummaging under the pillow to find the tooth is not an easy task. A set of wings, or elastigirl type arms would  come in handy in such instances, but sadly I have no such magical aids. I have also given myself extra work, by writing little notes from the tooth fairy thanking the child for their tooth. Sometimes sorry I started that, but I love hearing them excitedly reading their notes to me, so definitely worth the effort. I confess to having once forgotten about my tooth fairy duty, and facing a disappointed child the following morning. I managed to get round it by saying she must have been unable to find the tooth, and giving her a little box to put it in to try again the next night. Of course, the tooth fairy did not forget again. I sometimes wish the tooth fairy could ask for change from a fiver, which would save me the problem of searching through pockets, between couch cushions etc for a pound coin, which are already in short supply due to being required for school lunches, dress down days, tuck shops etc. I have also heard tales of over generous tooth fairies, although, as yet this has not happened in my house. In these cases, both parents leave a coin for their little angel. I can imagine it must be quite difficult to explain that one. Thankfully, here in the UK, the going rate seems to be about £1 per tooth, which means it is always a coin that is left for the child. In other countries where notes can be left, it could become quite complicated.  I recently watched a very funny episode of Modern Family, one of my favourite shows, where Cam mistakenly leaves $100 for his daughter, and then has to figure out a way to persuade her to give it back. Watch the promo clip for the episode here:

I can't be the only one who's faced tooth fairy dilemmas...share yours!

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  1. My alter-ego....writing notes from the tooth fairy??? Really???