Monday, 6 May 2013


Well, you found me, welcome to my blog. My name is Carolyn Mandache, a children's author living in Scotland with my husband and children. I'll write here about my books, my opinions, my family, and anything else I think will make for interesting reading. Hopefully you'll agree, and visit again!

About me :
The boring (yet relevant) details: Degree in English Lit. (University of Strathclyde), HND in Graphic Design (Glasgow Metropolitan College).

Not so boring: Author of "Andrew's Fairy Tale", available for the Kindle on Amazon. I like to write stories which challenge the norm, and have received 5 star reviews for doing so. The link to my ebook is:

I create my own illustrations and enjoy being able to combine my skills in both writing and drawing. My new story, "The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy" shall soon be available as a printed book...will keep you posted.

I aim to update my blog weekly, please drop by again soon.

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  1. My alter-ego...nice to meet you, carolyn (I am not really bonkers, read my blog "Breaking the ice")